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We specialize in Landscape Design & Landscape Construction. Everything from Hardscape to Softscape, Conrete, Masonry, Paver’s, Patio cover such as Cabana, Pavilion, Decking, Water Feature.
Custom Fire place, BBQ kitchen island and yes synthetic lawn.

It’s important to consult with Me as the Designer & Owner to express your dream of what your Landscape project will be like and it’s criteria.
No project and plan will ever reach it’s limit and client expectation approaching a project on the blinds.

A professional Landscape project can cost anywhere from $1000-$750,000K depending what our client’s need is..

Consultation meeting onsite. Exchanging to collect ideas & requirements. Landscape Site Plan if needed, bids – proposal. Schedule and project execution.

It should be Landscape Artisan, INC not Artisan Landscape inc.
We’re LAI, We hope to earn the respect of public & other companies be know as the Landscape Company that’s ALL IN.

I believe that this would be a question for realtor since a real report is usually not a requirement for Landscape Company. Please revised question to be more specific.

Mechanical work is covered one year. Customer can purchase life time warranty on installation such as Paver.

Again is Landscape Artisan, INC. We do offer after care on all if not most of our project.

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